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Leslie Lupien
Pomfret, CT
Leslie Lupien ’10 is always up for a challenge. Just ask her older brother, Chris. While the two were growing up in Pomfret, Conn., one could normally find them trading baskets in the driveway during games of one-on-one.
"He’s always been taller," she admits, even though the height difference didn’t always spell victory for her older sibling.

"He never cared that he lost to me, he just kept coming, and it was great growing up with someone like that. Looking back on he just made me so much better," she says.

It should come to no surprise that when Leslie came to Assumption to join the Women’s Basketball team, she chose another challenge to occupy her time: balancing basketball while majoring in biology.
"It’s tough. It’s tough sometimes," she says, referring to the life of a student athlete. With practices six days a week, traveling for away games and everything else that comes with basketball, one would think it would be near impossible to take on the extra lab time and workload, but Leslie manages it all in stride.

She credits her professors for being there for her every step of the way and for cultivating her love of the subject. She admits that she wasn’t sure of what she wanted to major in at first, but her first few science courses made the decision easy.

"Well I’ve always loved sciences, I just happened to have a couple of good professors in the beginning that kept my love for science going," she says. "It was more or less a logical choice at that point."
Assistant Professor of Chemistry Elizabeth Colby Davie is just one of the faculty members who have made an impact on Leslie, both inside and out of the classroom.

"Professor Colby-Davie is one of my favorites," she says. "She is just one of those people who is just so in love with teaching that she’ll do anything for her students and do anything to make sure you get it."
Leslie also believes that Assumption’s small class sizes allows for students to get the individual attention they need.

"Just the fact that you can go into a classroom and you know your teachers, and you’ve got small class sizes. Assumption had everything that I was looking for."
Overall, while Leslie chose Assumption for its basketball program, she says that the school’s atmosphere is what makes it special.

"Ultimately basketball is important but when it comes down to it you have to love the atmosphere of the school," she says. "Assumption is pretty great in that it’s a small school and there is a unique atmosphere. You can walk through the corridors and you know almost everyone, you know your teachers. I think that’s what makes it special, you’re able to make really close bonds with people."